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The difference is clear!
The FinePix Super Intelligent Flash

Have you ever found yourself thinking, "This isn't what I had in mind..." after you've taken a photo with flash?
For example, photos of cuisines appear whitish; the picture has a strange shadow and is not pleasing; there is no light in the background...etc

In fact, flash photography is difficult for professional photographers too.
But the FinePix "Super Intelligent Flash" will fix these problems! The camera will automatically adjust to the right amount of light for the scene, so that you can enjoy beautiful, atmospheric photos. The results will leave professional photographers speechless! And all it takes is to set the camera to AUTO and press the shutter. It is especially effective for close-up photos.

[ Conventional Flash ]

[ Super Intelligent Flash ]

All you have to do is press the shutter
and leave the rest to the camera!

Very effective in the following scenes

Click on the subject or scene that you want to photograph. The difference between photos taken with conventional flash and Super Intelligent Flash is very clear.

Take beautiful photos of sundries and other knick-knacks!

  • Photographing products for online stores...
  • For keeping a photographic record of your hobbies and creations...
  • Capture the vivid colors of flowers

Take mouthwatering shots of Food & Sweets!

  • Take stylish photos of cafes
  • Take beautiful photos of cuisine to upload to your blog

Take beautiful portrait shots and photos of your pets!

  • Natural atmosphere, even in backlight near the window.
  • Successful, even in bright places.
  • Even captures the softness of your pet's fur

Product information

FinePix F550EXR
The new EXR CMOS sensor and the built-in GPS system.
Make your trips more memorable and beautiful.

FinePix Z900EXR / Z909EXR
A 3.5-inch touch screen and intuitive interface enable easier operation.
The new standard EXR CMOS sensor.

FinePix HS20EXR / HS22EXR
Powerful 30x manual zoom and the new EXR CMOS.
Delivers high-speed shooting with brilliant image quality.

FinePix REAL 3D W3
Capture 3D&2D HD movies and still photos by a simple operation.
Camera equipped with super intelligent flash.

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