16-Megapixel BSI EXR CMOS Sensor

The newly developed BSI (Back-Side Illuminated) EXR CMOS Sensor not only realizes the highest levels of pixel count, image quality and high-speed performance ever achieved by Fujifilm, but also represents a major technological breakthrough.
The key to the beauty of every image is Fujifilm's originally developed pixel array and color filter array. By rotating a conventional array 45, the unique pixel array enhances resolution. Also, depending on the scene, pixel capture properties are modified and the sensor is intelligently switched to High Resolution (HR), Wide Dynamic Range (DR) or High Sensitivity/Low Noise (SN) mode. In addition, the adoption of CMOS and optimization of the signal read-out configuration means users can take advantage of higher speed performance in more scenes and never miss a moment. The BSI EXR CMOS Sensor is a technology that reveals a new dimension of beauty.

EXR Processor

The full potential of the high speed performance and beautiful image capture quality of EXR CMOS Sensor is harnessed by the newly developed EXR Processor. Tapping the speed and power of its 2 CPUs, EXRCORE and a reconfigurable processor, EXR Processor not only delivers photos with exceptional EXR still image quality, but also powers Full HD movie capture, high-speed continuous shooting as well as enhanced scene recognition, Pro Modes and other innovative functions. In addition, the newly integrated vector graphics capability lets users enjoy an easy-to-view, high-quality GUI.


Acclaimed by professional photographers and imaging professionals for its high-quality image rendition and natural color fidelity, the FUJINON LENS is the crystallization of Fujifilm's outstanding optical technologies. Each lens is the product of uncompromising lens design technology that maintains high resolution while enhancing light collection efficiency and reducing lens aberrations. Across the full zoom range from wide angle to telephoto, FUJINON lenses prove their performance in every scene, shot after shot.